Since 2006, LA VEGA LANDFILL & RESOURCES, LLC. has been a leading entity in the responsible management of solid waste facilities in Puerto Rico. By assuming the administration and operation of the Vega Baja municipal landfill, we not only adopt the mission of maintaining optimal standards, but also of promoting sustainable and responsible practices.

Innovations and Featured Projects:

  • Environmental Remediation: Throughout our history, we have worked closely with environmental agencies, we have carried out various remediation projects at the facility, in strict accordance with state and federal environmental regulations.
  • Landfill Expansion: Currently, we are building new cells, which will guarantee an additional 30 years of operation.
  • Energy Innovation: We are in the initial phase of creating a “Landfill Gas to Energy” facility, which will provide renewable energy to a prominent multinational pharmaceutical plant.

Commitment to Sustainability:
An integral part of our mission is the promotion of sustainability. In this sense, we develop and manage activities focused on the separation and diversion of recyclable materials such as construction debris, matres, scrap metal and wooden pallets. This initiative is carried out within our own facility, reflecting our strong commitment to environmental responsibility.