The cleaning of the beach made by the movement was a success, Movimiento Refleciona y Actúa together with Ecopark Group

The cleaning of the beach made by the movement was a success, reflected and acted together with Ecopark Group

The call made by Irmaris López with her Reflect and Act Movement was a success, in which more than 400 volunteers accepted the invitation to clean the beach at Puerto Nuevo Beach in Vega Baja as the first activity carried out by the movement.

López explains “We had more than 400 registered volunteers and at the end of the activity it is estimated that more than 3,022 lbs of garbage were collected, not counting the garbage collected from the seabed that was not heavy”. Besides, a mural was painted with the message “the real happiness is in doing good “. I am so grateful to all the volunteers who said present to rescue our beach. ”

Expresses that the commitment to keep the beach clean is everyone’s “This is just the beginning, now it’s up to all of us to continue with our commitment to our beach to keep it clean, educating those who visit it, which is wonderful to enjoy one day from the beach and at the end of the day we also have to act collecting the garbage ”

The young lady thanks and recognizes all those who supported her “I thank God for all the blessings, my sisters and my parents, my neighbors, my friends, my mentors Marianela Díaz and Sheilla Cruz Director of the Department of Municipal Family Affairs He always believed in me and helped a lot in everything, Mayor Marcos Cruz and his wife who also trusted me and helped me provide the necessary equipment and personnel, Javier Ginés de Kaliche and La Vega Ecopark my mentors in everything from logistics and in contributing all their knowledge to coordinate everything related to the cleaning of the seafloor, Econo supermarkets, main sponsor and finally the whole community that helped me to make this happen to such magnitude by getting them to reflect and act, thank you “.