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    Puerto Rico Ecopark is a family business with a commitment of excellence and responsibility to care for our environment for future generations.

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You are one step away from starting business opportunity with the best company in the industry!

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    You are one step away from starting business opportunity with the best company in the industry!

      Taking care of the environment for more than 12 Years.

      Ecopark Group is a new concept of industrial parks in existing landfill systems in Vega Baja, Moca, Juana Díaz and Cabo Rojo to dedicated in develop recycling and renewable energy projects in collaboration with community, commercial, government and environmental agencies.

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      In depth analysis of the goals and objectives of our clients, taking into consideration the environmental challenges, the solution and budget


      Carry out the corresponding field studies


      Conceptualization, design development and products and material selections


      Execution and administration of the remediation project and field work. Follow up of operational requirements, regulations and field work monitoring

      • Our company goal is to reduce the deposit of solid waste material in our landfill facilities in the municipalities of Vega Baja, Moca, Juana Diaz and Cabo Rojo and establish clean material recovery facility where recyclable materials will be either converted to raw material or used as Refuse Derived Fuel to create clean energy. - by Ecopark Group,
      • Our mission is to encourage communities and private customers to visualize a new way to manage solid waste disposal through education, that enables them to develop a new attitude towards how to harmonize our environment and economic development for the benefit of everyone. - by Ecopark Group,
      • Our vision is to engage with communities, commercial businesses, government agencies and private institutions to look for environmental remediation solutions projects to safeguard the future of our natural resources. - by Ecopark Group,
      • The objectives are to search for a sustainable environmental solution, to earn the trust and respect of our customers in the industry, provide initiative and innovation that add value and protection for the health of our community and ignite the potential for the performance of environmental wellbeing. - by Ecopark Group,


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