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Taking care of the environment for more than 25 Years.

Puerto Rico Ecopark was established in 2007 in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, and it has expanded rapidly to the Municipalities of Moca, Cabo Rojo and Juana Díaz, providing a complete array of solid waste services, ranging from recycling to landfill disposal. In 2013, Puerto Rico Ecopark and its related subsidiary companies began to develop two renewable fuel projects; landfill gas to renewable energy and the development of renewable biomass fuel from green waste and recycle plastic material.

Currently, Ecopark Group has more than 80 employees and serves over 20 municipalities and 30 private clients throughout the Island, while managing more than 1,500 tons per day of Municipal Solid Waste, green waste, construction and debris. We are considering a new venture geared to the conversion of waste to fuel and the evaluation of commercial opportunities in North America.

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In depth analysis of the goals and objectives of our clients, taking into consideration the environmental challenges, the solution and budget


Carry out the corresponding field studies


Conceptualization, design development and products and material selections


Execution and administration of the remediation project and field work. Follow up of operational requirements, regulations and field work monitoring


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