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Environmental Services & Landfill Development

We provide specialized services in the environmental remediation solution. Our environmental specialists, that have local and international recognition, have vast experience in recycling and composting projects recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We can plan and develop complex projects, collaborating with our clients in the search to achieve the objectives in a way that is profitable. We have more than 28 years of experience in landfill systems, fuel industry, land erosion projects, among others.

We had developed similar projects in our landfill system in Vega Baja to sanitary landfill system for private clients and the Municipalities of Hormiguero and Juana Díaz.

  • In depth analysis of the goals and objectives of our clients, taking into consideration the environmental challenges, the solution and budget
  • Carry out the corresponding field studies
  • Conceptualization, design development and products and material selectionsExecution and administration of the remediation project and field work. Follow up of operational requirements, regulations and field work monitoring
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