Toa Alta Eco-Park, LLC (TAEP), we were granted the operation of Toa Alta landfill in June 2019. This small landfill manages 150 daily tons of MSW. This landfill is fully in compliance RCRA operation with strong potential to extract LFG by 2020. Toa Alta Ecopark provide a complete array of environmental services such as integrated Solid Waste Management Solution, Vegetative Crushing ‘on site’ Systems, Sanitary Landfills Development System, Disposal in Landfills, Hauling Service, construction waste and Recycling Facilities & Educational Programs. 

Toa Alta Ecopark, LLC. has been on the leading edge of environmental business practice. We have contributed to the solid waste solution and in collaboration with the federal & local compliances regulations:



Toa Alta, Puerto Rico

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